Wedding Essentials - Here's what to know

The question that will change your life was asked and answered. The promise ring is on. Filled with love and excitement, you and your fiancé are probably on cloud nine! But what is next on the agenda? With so many wedding details to be taken care of, planning one can be too much and overwhelming.

There are a million things to plan in manifesting your dream wedding. Regardless of how prepared you think you are, it will not be a surprise that one detail or two might get overlooked and fall through the cracks. The good thing is, you can avoid that by pacing yourselves by taking a wedding planning checklist and developing a wedding timeline. That way, you and your fiancé can design your wedding in a more organised, fun, and less stressful way!

According to expert wedding consultants, a year is the ideal length for an engagement and organising a wedding. However, every couple is different. Some get married earlier than that. If that is the path you want to take, it is best to condense the schedule so you will be right on it. Regardless of the length of your preparation, allow us to give you a list of the essentials as a guide so you can get everything covered.

  • The Wedding Officiant

Some wedding venues have their pastor or priest. These authorities guide you through wedding counselling at the church before they agree to marry you. Other couples choose a celebrant or their close yet qualified friends to perform the ceremony. As soon as you set the date, make sure to inform your wedding officiant at once so they can reserve their day for you.

  • The Wedding Venue

Another thing that requires reservation as soon as possible is the wedding venue, especially if you are going for a destination wedding. By this, you can also give your guests enough time to prepare.

While churches, parks, country clubs, wineries, and the beach are familiar places that hold weddings, more and more couples opt for other locations, including theatres, bowling alleys, and themed parks. Regardless of the setting, make sure that you and your fiancé feel at home. You should also check if the venue charges a higher fee for weddings.

  • The Wedding Attire

One of the highlights of a nuptial is the couple's overall looks. Since weddings are once-in-a-lifetime events, it only makes sense that twosomes go big on their outfits.

Matching with their groomsmen, some grooms wear tuxedos. Others prefer chambray shirts, matched with jeans and added with suspenders or other accessories. Brides, on the other hand, wear their version of a princess dress generally in a white shade. However, others prefer an unconventional path by wearing any colour of the rainbow that suits them but making sure it does well with the wedding motif.

Most couples hire hair and makeup artists for finishing touches to their overall appearance. For an excellent hairstylist and makeup artist in Sydney, you can count on the brilliant artistry of Melinda Wenig. With over a decade of knowledge and experience in the beauty industry, our professional friend remains passionate and versatile by creating impeccable yet personalised looks that suit every client's taste. Having worked in different areas of makeup artistry and hairstyling, Melinda has flaunted her expertise in the New York runways and Cannes and Monaco. Hence, whether you are going for a destination wedding or not, you can expect her team to bring their prowess to you.

  • The Wedding Reception

While the wedding ceremony starts the magic of your life with your fiancé, your wedding reception is the celebration where your guests can participate more. Most couples find themselves in an elegant sit-down dinner, followed by champagne, and a cake-cutting ceremony before a wedding dance. Others go for a different vibe by adding games and inviting a band or DJ instead of a string quartet. Regardless of how you want to celebrate your union, make sure that the theme, design, menu, music, flowers, and stationery speak for you and your fiancé.

  • The Guests’ Transportation

Yes, your wedding is a precious day just for you and your fiancé. But it does not mean you cannot treat your guests special, too. One of the best ways to make them feel like royalty at your big event is by setting up transportation for them. Aside from sparing them the worry of getting to your wedding venue and securing parking space, they will be free from some extra costs.

  • The Wedding Photographer

Almost everything under the sun is recorded using our mobile phones. As mentioned, your big day is an exceptional, once-in-a-lifetime occasion. It demands a professional form of documentation. Hence, do not miss the chance of hiring a professional photographer who will take quality images of every precious wedding moment for you to remember.

Allow yourselves and your guests to ditch the screen and to live in the moment more by hiring a professional wedding photographer on your best day. At gm photographics, they capture images that last a lifetime and stand the test of time. Not only will you have a high-quality keepsake to share with future generations in your family, but you will also get to have these shared with your wedding guests on our online gallery. Call them for a bespoke package and quote that will bring your vision of your wedding album to life.

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