How to create your dreamy look for your Wedding Day

When it comes to designing your Wedding Day look, there is so many things to keep in mind. You want to remember these 4 things when planning your #perfectweddinglook

1. What overall look are you going for?

Once you have worked out your wedding #style you can then start to research what sort of #weddingdress you are wanting. Below are some of the different sorts of wedding dress looks from Casual Day Elopement Weddings, to an outdoor daytime elegant or chic looks, right through to a Ball Gown classic Cindrella weddings. The options are endless!

Some good places to get ideas:

  • Pinterest

  • Instagram

  • Wedding Websites, such as

2. How to make your skin look amazing in the lead up to your Wedding?

Beautiful makeup comes from the skin underneath it looking hydrated, glowing and fresh. So in order to get your skin looking this way, you need to well in advance of your Wedding day look at what skincare routine you have - or need to have to get there. Melinda has a skincare range that she highly recommends as she uses it herself and in her makeup kit, so if you are needed any advice just ask or you can shop it at online store

3. How to choose my Hairstyle for my Big Day?

Hairstyling can be a tricky one when it comes to choosing a #hairstyle for your Big Day as you need to keep a few thing in mind to make sure you are happy when you look back in photos in 10 years times.

This can include thinking about the following:

  • What hair colour best suits me, verses what's on trend at the time.

  • Do I wear my hair up all the time on a day to day basis... if so you will most likely get annoyed at having your hair down for your wedding day

  • Are you really affectionate? Will there be lots of hugging on your wedding day? If so, keep that in mind if you want your hair out, as every time you are hugged people will be squishing and flattening your Hairstyle. So you may want to consider an #upstyle to keep your hair away from getting touched constantly.

  • Are you needing to take into consideration the environment? Is it an outside wedding, on a windy day? Or are you doing wedding photos on the beach, which may be windy or more humid on your #weddinday. If so, you may want an #upstyle to help keep your hair looking its best all day.

4. What Makeup look to choose for your Wedding Day?

Sometimes, your #weddingday #makeup is more about what you feel comfortable with, verses how much makeup you need on your face. Keep in mind when you are looking at images that majority of social media images are photoshopped or edited to look more flawless than reality. If you can't see any pores in an image you are looking at, then it's not a true image. You want your Makeup to bring out your best features, so you are a more perfected version of yourself. A professional Makeup Artist can make you feel amazing as well as look your most beautiful. So make sure you like the style of the Makeup Artist that you choose to go ahead with, so you have the best outcome for yourself on the Wedding Day.

When choosing your #makeuplook think about whether you want to look like you are naturally fresh in images, or whether you want to look like you are wearing a full face of makeup in an image. Another tip you may want to keep in mind is that the photography can take up to 40% of the colour out of your makeup look depending on the lighting and flash, so you may need to go a little more than you are used to, to have the image turn out how you want. Melinda explains these things during your #makeuptrial.

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